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Drain Cleaning Services

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Uh-oh. The in-laws will be here tomorrow for a visit, and the downstairs bathroom sink and tub so slow draining. I will never hear the end of it if I don’t get this fixed!

“Pool Parking” at my house means parking the car in the seasonal lake that seems to develop in my driveway every time we get a good rain.

Holiday dinner party at my house in 2 hours, and the kitchen sink will not drain, even after trying one of those plastic zippy drain cleaners from the big box store – help!

When you are having trouble with slow drains, it is time to call in pros with expertise in drain cleaning services – who can both clear clogs inside the pipes and make any necessary repairs all in the same trip! Stollwerck Plumbing & Sewer is happy to share over 25 years of plumbing experience with residential and commercial property owners. From that smelly drain to the slow draining shower, trust us to get you back to living your life, quickly, and dependably.

Drain Cleaning Services

Best Drain Cleaning Services Company | Why People Choose Us

Our fully licensed plumbers have years of experience at not only clearing drains but also providing quality drain repairs! We excel in analyzing the problems with the drains in your existing plumbing system – everything from a clogged line, to an improperly installed vent, to, well, the “how the heck did that get installed that way?” drain. Drain cleaning is a fine art. There is a specific skill set developed to learn the “feel” of how the drain cleaning cable reacts to various blockages inside the drain, and how to clear the blockage, without damage to the existing pipe. Stollwerck Plumbing is outfitted with a wide array of modern drain cleaning equipment, to be able to perform our services with the exact tool for your job. From a closet augur, to high horsepower cutters, to our high-performance hydro-jetter, we can clear any obstructions in your drain lines.

Why can’t you tell me how much it will cost to unclog our kitchen sink before you come over?  

Just as when you take your car to the mechanic, and it’s “making a funny sound from the front end”, drain cleaning may not be as straightforward as you would assume.  The physical clog (which can be composed of grease, hair, roots, sediments or even a missing pair of reading glasses) may actually be a result of a more complex cause (including but not limited to possible mechanical issues with fixtures like waste disposal, broken lines, improperly vented drain, incorrectly installed p-traps, etc.).  Sometimes, the clogged line can be accessed through a properly installed cleanout, and sometimes the clog can only be reached by pulling a toilet, or climbing up onto the roof, to clean through the vent.  All of these factors, and more, need to be taken into consideration to efficiently clean the drain.


Residential Clogged Drain Clearing

Our plumber’s full assessment of the drain issues on-site provides you a full estimate, based on a full examination of all issues, before we begin any work on your home. Stollwerck Plumbing doesn’t believe in providing gimmicky “one low price” offers, which are a complete disservice to you and your time, by adding on charges and fees, after you thought the drain cleaning was a guaranteed “one low price.” Allow our skilled plumbers to completely solve your drain cleaning and drain repair issues with expert service.


Commercial Drain Cleaning Services

Commercial drain cleaning services are a more specialized sort of cleaning, systems themselves are more complex and the demands placed on a commercial drain system are often a larger scale than on a residential line. Whether you are a new tenant in a commercial space and you need your drains cleaned and inspected, you have a commode needing cleared, or you have an older roof drain system needing some love, Stollwerck Plumbing is here to get the job done. Stollwerck Plumbing provides grease trap cleaning, offers video inspection services, and repair or replacement options for the variety of pumps essential to your drain operation. As business owners ourselves, we understand the importance of prompt and courteous attention to your needs, to minimize the impact drain cleaning or repair may have on your daily processes.

Clogged Drain Service

New Drain Installation or Replacement 

Often, drain cleaning exposes an issue with the drain line itself, or regular municipal maintenance of the public lines may reveal issues with your drains. If you are working on a renovation to your home, and determine you need drain lines installed or moved to accommodate new fixtures, its time to call the plumber!  Stollwerck Plumbing & Sewer provides professional installation, repair, or replacement of your drain and vent system.  Whether it be ABS, brass, copper, galvanized iron, or cast iron, we can replace damaged segments of pipe, tie new lines into your existing plumbing systems, or determine if a new design would best suit your needs.  Our plumbers will ensure your drains are up to current code standards, to allow you peace of mind that the right materials are being used in the correct applications.


Emergency Drain Cleaning

Slow draining showers and slow draining sinks always seem to clog up and become completely blocked at the worst of times.  Backed up drains create quite the predicament, and need to be addressed quickly, to prevent water damage to your home or business.  While vinegar, baking soda, and hot water can help keep an already clean drain line clean, all they do behind a serious clog is add to the pool of gunky water to be dealt with.  Harsh chemicals should never be used on a clogged drain, as they not only compromise the pipes themselves, they can be dangerous to anyone working on the pipes after the chemicals are introduced to the lines.  Stollwerck Plumbing provides local dispatch and local responsive plumbers to unclog your Snohomish County drains.


Other Drain Maintenance Services

Drain Cleaning work relies on the condition and quality of the entire drain system, including not only drain lines, but sump pumps, sewer ejectors, digesters and condensate units.  Stollwerck Plumbing is prepared to work on all aspects of your drain system, to ensure your total drain system is functioning at an optimum level.  Regular maintenance and inspection of your drains can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, in repairs and restoration work.


Professional Drain Cleanout Services Near Me

Serving all areas from Mukilteo to Lynnwood, Bothell to Edmonds, Montlake Terrace to Everett, Lake Stevens to Snohomish or Marysville to Whidbey Island, Stollwerck Plumbing is your drain service company! Give us a call at (425) 374-3909 to solve your drain problems.

drain cleaning services

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