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Drain Cleaning, Hydro-Jetting, and Slow Drains

Are you looking for an experienced Everett plumber that can figure out the toughest problems instead of charging you for doing what you could have already done yourself?

When you are having trouble with slow drains, it is time to call in pros that will clear clogs, whether from clearing corrosion, breaking up buildup, or removing roots that are growing inside the pipes. In some cases, cameras on fiber-optic ropes can be scurried into every nook and cranny of your plumbing to see via laptop why the pipe has stopped functioning properly.

For all of these reasons, Stollwerck Plumbing and Sewer is happy to share over 20 years of plumbing experience with residential and commercial property owners. From that smelly drain to the backed up water that won’t drain, we’ll get you back to living your life, quickly and dependably.

Serving all areas from Lynwood, Bothell and Montlake Terrace… to Everett, Mukilteo, Snohomish or Whidbey. 100% service guarantee and on-time service.**

**We do not warranty drain cleaning services, as sometimes the cleaning of sections of pipe can actually release flow, and cause other blockages, from other parts of the sewer system to “knock loose” and clog the same section of line we just cleared a day later. 

Hydro Jetting Service

Hydro jetting is a process to clean sewer and drain lines using high pressure water, to cut through difficult blockages like roots, grease, sediments and mineral buildup, without chemicals. Jetting cleans the entire pipe, removing all buildup from inner walls of the pipe, to prevent future clogs, unlike mechanical cable or snake, which only cuts a hole in the blockage. This process works on a variety of pipes, and leaves no harmful chemical residue, which makes it an ideal method to safely clean storm drain lines.

Commercial and Residential customers alike benefit greatly from this efficient service.

Why Your Drains Have Stopped Draining

Can you smell an unpleasant odor in the house that started around the same time your drains began clearing so slowly?

Often, the reason that a kitchen or bathroom drain is passing water slowly is due to a hair or grease buildup in the pipe under the sink. Sometimes old pipes can actually shrink inside from corrosion. And still other times it can be roots or other obstructions getting into your pipes.

In most cases, this means a mechanical “snake” tool is inserted to remove the clog or break it up into smaller bits. Sadly, in other situations, a slow moving drain is a sign of bigger issues with sewer lines in the yard.

Why Toilets Stop Flushing Properly

Is there an issue with the water passing out of your toilet when you flush with the handle?

If your toilet is often getting clogged or will not completely pass solid waste, there could be something blocking the sewer drain. While many homeowners learn the hard way that flushing toilet wipes down the drain is going to cause them to have a blocked toilet, there are other reasons that sewer lines begin to fail.

In certain scenarios, sewer pipes are placed too close to bushes and trees, and this causes their roots to break through pipes to access moisture or nutrients from the sewer drainage. Other times there may be damaged pipes or corrosion getting in the way. Thankfully, with plumbing cameras, we can remotely view the insides of the pipes to see if root removal or sewer pipe replacement is required to get the drains working properly.

Advantages to No-Dig Sewer Pipe Replacement

In most cases, a slow-draining pipe is going to need minor repairs to start functioning at optimal levels. This includes using a plumber’s snake and occasionally replacing a valve or pipe.

In more extreme situations, plumbing cameras are used to understand which pipes might need to be replaced. Regardless, before we start digging to replace a pipe, we examine whether a cure-in-place epoxy pipe liner can be used.

Often, homeowners choose this option because they want to avoid digging up the lawn. One other major selling point for this “trenchless” pipe replacement system is that it is a plumbing product approved by the U.S. Navy.


Reasons the Over-the-Counter Stuff will Quit Working

There are certain situations where using vinegar with baking soda will clear a drain, but pouring toxic chemicals down the pipes to unblock a drain is never a good idea.

Recurring problems usually require physical interventions to fix the real problem in the pipes, and help keep it from coming back yet again.

A plumber may need to physically clear the pipe, replace or repair sections of plumbing, or send a scope down the sewer line to find the real source of the trouble.


Call On Us to Get Your Plumbing Running Smoothly Again

If you suspect you have an issue with your drains, do not wait until it becomes a more expensive plumbing issue later. Call us today and know you are getting fully insured and commercially licensed plumbers that are ready to help.

We work with homeowners, residential management companies, and businesses every day.

For straightforward pricing and an explanation of services in a language you can understand, call Stollwerck Plumbing and Sewer today for drain cleaning or any plumbing maintenance, installation or emergency repair plumbing needs you may have.

We quickly respond with our team of fully licensed, in-house plumbers.

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