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Emergency Plumbing Everett WA

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Everett Emergency Plumbing Services Offered by Stollwerck 


Did you notice a sudden drop or spike in the water pressure coming out of faucets in your home?  Have you been turning the shower faucet off with more force than normal, and it still won’t quit dripping?  Do you see bubbles in your paint on your walls or ceiling?  Prompt attention to these types of water issues is critical to managing repair costs and preserving your property.  Stollwerck Plumbing is a call away to help with any of your plumbing or sewer needs in your home or business.  Call Stollwerck Plumbing for emergency plumbing experts located in the Everett area!  

  • In Everett, call 425-905-2931 to reach our team.
  • Fully licensed, bonded and insured, to provide you peace of mind during your service.
  • Local plumbers helping local businesses with their specific plumbing emergencies.
  • We are your neighborhood plumber!
emergency plumber services

Worry-Free Estimates:

Before you call Stollwerck Plumbing & Sewer about your Everett property, you are already concerned about water or sewage damaging your home and valuables. When our licensed plumbers arrive, we fully evaluate your plumbing matters, examining both the current issue, and any other contributing factors to the problem, with our honest service diagnosis. We will not make any unnecessary repair recommendations in an already stressful situation, as our team does not work on a commission base structure. We provide our professional quote, fully disclosing the most efficient solution and final cost as to the proper repairs, before we commence any work! At Stollwerck Plumbing, we don’t believe emergency repairs call for “quick fixes” using inferior materials, or ‘band-aid’ remedies.

Urgent or Important?

Water and gas issues are definitely a time sensitive matter in your home. Below are actions you can take, to help decide if you need to call in an emergency plumber, or wait until normal business hours, and can save you money.

Ask yourself these few questions, to determine if you need emergency service plumber:

1. Emergency Gas Shut Off: If you smell strong gas or sewer smells, exit your home immediately Evacuate all people and animals from the home, to a safe location. 

a. If you know where your main gas service is to your home (usually next to your meter), use a pipe wrench to turn off the gas supply.

b. If you can’t turn the supply off call 911 or Puget Sound Energy, on their emergency lines, to report a gas leak. After the gas has been shut off, open all doors and windows to ventilate the area.

c. Do not turn the gas main back on without a professional plumber to ensure your fixtures and appliances are all properly relit functioning normally.

2. Is there an alternate toilet or sink I can use, and can I put a bucket under the drip to catch the water until the morning?

3. Can I turn off the water to the toilet, sink, dishwasher or washing machine? All toilets, sinks, and washers should have a valve or angle stop you can turn clockwise and shut the supply down. If you can shut the water supply off, prevent more water from flowing into the area, and mop or vacuum up the remaining water, you may be able to hold off the emergency call until the morning.

4. Is there a sudden pool of water, an extreme leak from a pipe in the basement, or pond in your yard? In a worst-case scenario, where you aren’t sure where the water is coming from, or the angle stops won’t work/ can’t be located, you may want to shut your main water supply off to your home. Typically, there is a main valve, located where the water line comes into your home – often in a garage, or utility room area.

5. Emergency Water Heater Shutoff procedures: If your water heater does not automatically turn off in the event of failure, you can turn it off, and drain any remaining water using the following procedures.

a. Turn off the water supply at the shut-off valve on the supply line.

b. Turn off the gas at the thermostat (if not an automatic shut off enabled heater) or flip the circuit breaker to the off position if an electric water heater.

c. Connect a garden hose to the drain valve at bottom of the tank. Run the hose to an appropriate outdoor or drain location and drain the remaining hot water out of the tank.

d. Open the relief valve at the top of the tank to assist in fully draining the tank (Careful – may release steam.) Turn on a faucet in the home to the “hot” water position, to aid in draining.

Value and Workmanship: 

Stollwerck Plumbing & Sewer treats each job with professional care, whether it be an emergency or not, as we value the benefits of excellent workmanship and use quality materials to provide you lasting results. Hard work and the value of your Everett property is important to us. Our courteous and background checked staff arrive with efficient equipment and technology to examine and resolve those plumbing emergencies in the most minimally invasive manner. We carry a selection of American Standard, Grohe, and Moen faucets with us, in the event your kitchen faucet is not able to be repaired, or you would like to replace your shower faucet.

Emergency Services can be needed for many water and gas related issues – call Stollwerck Plumbing for your urgent plumbing matters!

  • Slow or clogged sinks?
  • Leaking or malfunctioning faucets?
  • Constantly running toilets?
  • Broken or collapsed pipes?
  • Do you smell gas leaking?
  • Outdated or stuck angle stops?
  • Water heater clanging, leaking or not heating?
  • Sewage bubbling up in laundry drain or tub?
  • Outdoor hose bibs leaking or won’t shut off?
  • Sudden wet patches on ceilings, walls or floors?


Commercial Emergency Services can be addressed by our team to solve your Everett business property concerns.  Are you a property manager and find persistent problems in common drains or supply lines?   Do you have a grease trap that just shut down your kitchen area?  Stollwerck Plumbing & Sewer responds to your office, multifamily building, dining establishment, or commercial space emergencies. Our attention to detail and respect of your hours of operation allow you to be confident that Stollwerck Plumbing is your Emergency Plumber.


Emergency Plumbing Professionals Near Me

When faced with plumbing issues, and you need emergency plumbing services in the Everett area, Stollwerck Plumbing & Sewer is your team to call. Our responsive teams will work hard to solve your plumbing issues in a timely manner! Call Stollwerck Plumbing at 425-905-2931!

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Emergency Plumber Services

Who do You Call?

Emergency plumbing matters never happen at a good time, but knowing you have a professional neighbor to call, who you can trust to remedy the situation is invaluable.  As fully licensed plumbers, we will apply our years of experience to solve any emergency issues.  Contact Stollwerck Plumbing at 425-905-2931!

Looking for Residential/Journeyman/Service Specialists for Plumbing!

Incentive Plan – DOE! Hiring Bonus: $15K D.O.E. for Journeyman, up to $5K for Apprentice D.O.E. NO VAX status required - its your own business, not ours.

Local, family company seeking reliable and motivated person who wish to work a full-time, steady schedule in the Everett, Mukilteo, Lynnwood area.

  • No trips to Seattle, no weekends, no “on-call” shifts!
  • Competitive non-commission based wages.
  • Our company focuses on friendly service and repair calls, remodeling/renovations, and professional drain cleaning - no new construction.

Our motto is simple – “Say what you’ll do, and do what you say.” Our philosophy is to provide every client with the same service level we would for our own parents -fix it correctly, at a fair price, with the correct materials for the job.

All Residential/Journeyman/Service Specialist Plumbers must have current WA State license. We require a valid driver’s license, and reasonably clear driving record. We expect punctual attendance, clean and professional appearance, with motivation to work efficiently with attention to detail. We require good communication skills with clients and co-workers, desire for learning new processes in the industry, and ability to drive responsibly in traffic. Candidates must meet ability to lift 15-80 lbs. as required for moving equipment/ materials.

Experience: Residential/Journeyman/Service Specialist - 1-2 years. Trainees: DOE

Typical work hours: 7:30am-4:30pm, Monday through Friday. 30+ Hours per work week guaranteed.

Full Time Employee Benefits: Great Hourly Pay, Paid Time Off, Paid Health insurance (with option to add dependents at employee cost)/ Basic Life/ AD and D, SIMPLE IRA retirement plan, Uniform allowance (hoodies, hats, shirts, work jeans and boots), Company iPad, Company cell phone, newer work truck, and BONUSES!

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