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 Everett Gas Line Installation

Installing a new gas line has changed a lot in our area.  Seattle Gas Light Company supplied (in hollowed out logs) gas service to 47 homes and 5 city streets in Seattle for the first time, on New Year’s Eve in 1873.  Today, natural gas and propane is fed to our homes and businesses in stronger and safer lines providing us with efficient and steady fuel for our heating needs.

Are you installing a new gas appliance or gas fireplace in your home? Moving an existing gas appliance during the remodeling of your Everett home?  Swapping out an existing gas water heater tank for a new gas tankless water heater?

Adding gas lines and vents or moving gas appliances should always be performed by a fully licensed professional, to make sure you are compliant with the Everett Building Code, State of WA Plumbing Code, as well as national plumbing codes.


Natural Gas Line Installation Services | Why Choose Stollwerck

Installation of new gas lines, whether you need to extend lines to new fixtures, or adjust the location of existing lines by inches, should be trusted to a licensed plumber, well versed in code requirements.  Your home or business gas systems are pressurized systems, which require a careful series of stages, to effectively shut down, repair, or install new lines, re-pressurize, and ensure all your gas fueled appliances are re-lit and working properly.

Your plumber needs to ensure the materials and sizing of the pipe are proper for your individual usage, based on your existing appliances and anticipated future gas use.  There are also very specific ways the pipe and unions must be prepared and joined, pipes must be installed with proper seismic support, and many other factors, which all contribute to your choice of Stollwerck Plumbing & Sewer, as your Everett natural gas line installation expert.


Everett Residential Gas Line Installation


Residential Gas Line Installation

When you purchase an existing home, you never really know the full history of its repairs or renovations over the years.  When it comes time to update or modify the location or position of gas fed appliances, add new lines, or even create your backyard grill station with a gas fire pit, you may find you need a local Everett plumber to help you with precise work.  Our team examines your specific needs, performs the layout, and crafts the runs and unions to supply your home with a securely supported gas service.

Along with the supply, the venting of the exhaust from your gas appliances is also critical to ensuring your safety and proper efficiency in the operation of your appliances.   Improper venting can lead to a buildup of deadly carbon monoxide, which is odorless and invisible.  Another safety component to any gas system in a home should be a seismic shut off valve.  While optional in our area, installing a seismic shut off is recommended, as it quickly blocks the main supply of gas to your home in the event of an earthquake.


Everett Commercial Gas Line Installation


Commercial Gas Line Installation

Commercial gas line installation should always be performed by a licensed professional, simply to make sure the work is performed up to local Everett code.  Placing the responsibility on a licensed, bonded, and insured professional allows you, as the business owner, the security that your gas lines and vents are installed properly, will meet your various appliance or fixture needs, and be backed up by our 1-year labor warranty.

Stollwerck Plumbing & Sewer is a journey level shop, and we love to help our fellow business owners maximize their office, restaurant, retail, or warehouse spaces.


Natural Gas Piping Installation in Everette

If you are looking for a local Everett plumbing company to install natural gas lines or run lines for propane in your home or business, you have found the right one!  We want to ensure you have a safe and steady gas service that meets all your needs.

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