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Residential Plumbing Services for Property Managers

Stollwerck Plumbing and Sewer has over 20 years of experience providing expert and professional sewer, natural gas and plumbing services for property managers at a moment’s notice.

New clients seek us out because we are uniquely qualified to serve property managers that manage rented, residential properties such as homes, duplexes, condos, and apartments.

Residential plumber

Your needs differ from commercial or traditional residential structures, and you need professional plumbers for emergencies, maintenance, and upgrades you can depend on. We know you have tenants to keep happy, and can’t have shoddy work creating recurring problems.

There are a few key ways we save property managers money while providing unique benefits that help property owners shine.


Why Residential Property Managers Need Commercial Plumbers

Sadly, if property managers are not in control of the plumbing, sewer, and natural gas needs of their property, it can lead to significant profit loss.

Worse, the situation can spiral out of control and result in legal situations due to plumbing emergency related issues such as black mold abatement because of moisture control problems. Tenants can end up suing property owners if the plumbing, sewer, or natural gas issues are linked to poor maintenance of the property.

Thankfully, hiring the services of a professional plumber that has the commercial licensing to work on multi-unit properties and more demanding situations is all you need.

With regular inspections, maintenance, repairs, and installations, you will have your plumbing needs under control with your rental properties. On top of this, when you work with plumbers you can trust, you can feel secure knowing your next tenant plumbing or sewer emergency will be handled professionally and quickly with the utmost quality.

All you do is give us a call and know we stand behind what we do and do what we say, without games, delays, or hidden billing surprises.


Benefits of Regular Sewer, Natural Gas, and Residential Plumbing Maintenance

In the past, the only way most property owners suspected that there was a problem with the sewer, plumbing, or natural gas was when there was an emergency.

Fortunately, modern technology means the detection of problems before they happen is affordable and easy. For example, in regular plumbing inspections, sewer pipes can be examined with cameras on optic ropes that can be snaked through several stories of pipes. This way, potential pinhole leaks can be identified on the computer screen as it views the inside of each pipe before the issue grows larger.

Preventing pinhole leaks, potential failures, and troubling pipe corrosion is essential to preventing a subsequent mold abatement or remodeling fiasco issue in the tenants’ rented property.

Also, if you have a warning that major pipe replacement might need to be done in the near future, a significant amount of money can be saved if repairs are scheduled when most convenient and cost-effective instead of when disaster strikes and more damage results.


Save Money with Improvements and Installation

As property managers, having property owners see that you are protecting their investment is important.

One of the best ways to do this is by saving money on utilities that are provided to tenants free-of-charge. Thankfully, the federal government is interested in helping property owners cut down on utility costs with rebates for installing new appliances or environmentally-friendly products, and we help facilitate that process.

In addition to helping select the ideal water-saving or sewer management equipment, we are also happy to sign off on any paperwork required for tax rebates. In the short-term and long-term, utility savings can be significant for multi-unit buildings that incorporate these energy-saving devices.


Always by Your Side for Repairs or Emergencies

Do you need a reliable plumber that you can include in renter’s brochures for repairs or emergencies?

While some properties are new enough to only need semi-annual inspections by a plumber, renters of older properties will need some reassurance that they have a true pro they can call if the historic property suddenly has a sewer, plumbing, or natural gas issue.

By giving them the name of a plumber you can trust with a telephone number to call in case of emergencies, you will give them the confidence they need to sign a multi-year lease on the property you manage or buy your condominiums.


Let’s Talk About Your Residential Plumbing Needs

Better to have an existing relationship with a good plumber before disaster strikes. Let’s talk to see if we’re a good fit for each other and start the relationship before that frantic call from a tenant.

Unlike other plumbers that only give you, at most, a 90-day guarantee on their services, we offer up to one year of guarantee on our work.

We also like to give our customers the most transparent explanation of our repairs or services, and we explain our pricing in a way that makes the property manager feel in control of the budget.

Ultimately, we have benefits that other plumbers in the area do not provide. We are all commercially licensed plumbers and insured above and beyond state mandates. This means you are legally protected when you hire us for residential, multi-unit or commercial plumbing needs.

Residential Plumbing

If you need a relationship with a professional plumber for pipes, sewers, or natural gas services, give us a call today. We look forward to meeting you and thank you for choosing Stollwerck Plumbing and Sewer to work with your property management team.

Looking for Residential/Journeyman/Service Specialists for Plumbing!

Incentive Plan – DOE! Hiring Bonus: $15K D.O.E. for Journeyman, up to $5K for Apprentice D.O.E. NO VAX status required - its your own business, not ours.

Local, family company seeking reliable and motivated person who wish to work a full-time, steady schedule in the Everett, Mukilteo, Lynnwood area.

  • No trips to Seattle, no weekends, no “on-call” shifts!
  • Competitive non-commission based wages.
  • Our company focuses on friendly service and repair calls, remodeling/renovations, and professional drain cleaning - no new construction.

Our motto is simple – “Say what you’ll do, and do what you say.” Our philosophy is to provide every client with the same service level we would for our own parents -fix it correctly, at a fair price, with the correct materials for the job.

All Residential/Journeyman/Service Specialist Plumbers must have current WA State license. We require a valid driver’s license, and reasonably clear driving record. We expect punctual attendance, clean and professional appearance, with motivation to work efficiently with attention to detail. We require good communication skills with clients and co-workers, desire for learning new processes in the industry, and ability to drive responsibly in traffic. Candidates must meet ability to lift 15-80 lbs. as required for moving equipment/ materials.

Experience: Residential/Journeyman/Service Specialist - 1-2 years. Trainees: DOE

Typical work hours: 7:30am-4:30pm, Monday through Friday. 30+ Hours per work week guaranteed.

Full Time Employee Benefits: Great Hourly Pay, Paid Time Off, Paid Health insurance (with option to add dependents at employee cost)/ Basic Life/ AD and D, SIMPLE IRA retirement plan, Uniform allowance (hoodies, hats, shirts, work jeans and boots), Company iPad, Company cell phone, newer work truck, and BONUSES!

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