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Sewer Line Repair

Even as far back as 3,000 BCE, human settlements managed sewage by building stone structures designed to move waste away from homes, and out to rivers or cesspits. Sewers built in Dubrovnik, back in 1600’s are still in use today with only minor changes and repairs!

Sewer lines are essential to a healthy home – providing the conduit for wastewater to flow away from your home and into the appropriate municipal sewer line for processing. Maintenance and repair of sewer lines will prevent (1) backups into your home or business, (2) waterborne diseases from affecting your neighborhood, and (3) dangerous buildup of sewer gases.


Sewer Line Repair


Best Sewer Repair Company | Why People Choose Us

Stollwerck Plumbing & Sewer is ready to tackle your sewer line issues ranging from diagnosis, maintenance, repair, to replacement. Our licensed plumbers are experienced in many different eras of construction and working with the peculiarities presented by older sewer construction features. When you want to protect your home or business, it pays to hire a plumbing company that has commercial licensing for plumbing, like Stollwerck Plumbing & Sewer. This means property owners and commercial tenants can trust us to operate at any level, with no limitations, and we have a higher level of skill than the average residential plumber.


Customer Protection and Education

We protect our customers with continuing education, new tools, and are insured above state mandates. These components enable us to work in places others cannot, and with the highest level of warranty for work we do for our clients.

sewer cleanout


Sewer Line Cleanout Maintenance

Talking about sewage and sewer line maintenance can be an embarrassing discussion – everyone has to deal with it, but no one likes to talk about it. The best way for a plumber to access your sewer line is with a properly installed two-way cleanout. Sewer cleanouts allow for clear access to your line with our drain cleaning tools and video inspection tools (Read more about our Sewer Scope Services). If you do not have a cleanout installed on your property, the other methods of accessing your sewer line is either by pulling a toilet or through a vent stack located on your roof – neither of those access points are ideal and will add additional fees to your sewer jobs.

A properly inspected and maintained sewer line will service your property for years. Finding issues with sewer lines means our plumbers are working in your basement, your crawlspace, or perhaps even trenching dirt to find the line in your yard. Our plumbers perform an inspection of the issue (either with a visual or camera inspection), pinpoint the location of the damaged pipe, and determine the best method for repair. Options for repair can range from replacing segments of the pipe, pipe bursting or point repairs, re-lining, or replacing the entire pipe.


Trenchless Sewer Repair

New plastics and bonding agent technology allow for specialized plumbers to quickly and cleanly re-line the inside of sewer pipes which are still insufficient structural conditions WITHOUT digging a trench down the length of your sewer line. Commonly referred to a “trenchless” sewer repair, pipelining has evolved rapidly over the last 10 years. One method is to insert a tube of flexible material into the damaged pipe, the material is expanded to fit like an inner sleeve, and then a bonding agent is applied. With the older (but still perfectly acceptable technique), an epoxy used as a bonding agent can take up to 30 hours to cure, before you can use the sewer line.

The latest in trenchless technology uses resins that are cured immediately, with a UV light, directly after they are applied, and you can be back in service in a couple of hours. Another specialized pipe replacement method used, when a section of the sewer line is completely degraded and the sewer line is not a candidate for re-lining, is called pipe bursting. A machine is sent down the good portion of the line and when the degraded section is reached, the machine removes the bad section, while pulling a section of new pipe along with it. The new pipe is installed simultaneously with the old section being removed, in one action.


Emergency Sewer Service

Backed up sewage is a danger to anyone living in a home, or operating a business, and Stollwerck Plumbing is here to help you! Besides being a smelly mess, sewage presents a health hazard and needs to be addressed immediately. Stollwerck Plumbing & Sewer is fully licensed to work on both commercial and residential emergencies, and we are happy to work with municipal agencies, as we are current on all prevailing wage requirements. We understand the urgency needed to clear lines and carry a wide array of tools in our not faced with recurring sewer problems.

 trenchless sewer repair


Other Sewer Services

Other sewer services offered by Stollwerck Plumbing include hydro-jetting lines, grease trap cleaning, servicing pumps, video inspections, and sewer gas inspections (smoke tests). We want to help you keep those sewer lines and vent systems in great working order, to prevent any surprises in the future. Signs of slow draining, odd smells, and unusually green lawns above your sewer line all point to the need to call us today!


Sewer Plumber Services Near You

If you are looking for sewer line repair services in the greater Mukilteo area, reach out to Stollwerck Plumbing and Sewer via our online contact form or by calling 425-905-2931

We Are Local:
Everett Sewer Line Repair

Looking for Residential/Journeyman/Service Specialists for Plumbing!

Incentive Plan – DOE! Hiring Bonus: $15K D.O.E. for Journeyman, up to $5K for Apprentice D.O.E. NO VAX status required - its your own business, not ours.

Local, family company seeking reliable and motivated person who wish to work a full-time, steady schedule in the Everett, Mukilteo, Lynnwood area.

  • No trips to Seattle, no weekends, no “on-call” shifts!
  • Competitive non-commission based wages.
  • Our company focuses on friendly service and repair calls, remodeling/renovations, and professional drain cleaning - no new construction.

Our motto is simple – “Say what you’ll do, and do what you say.” Our philosophy is to provide every client with the same service level we would for our own parents -fix it correctly, at a fair price, with the correct materials for the job.

All Residential/Journeyman/Service Specialist Plumbers must have current WA State license. We require a valid driver’s license, and reasonably clear driving record. We expect punctual attendance, clean and professional appearance, with motivation to work efficiently with attention to detail. We require good communication skills with clients and co-workers, desire for learning new processes in the industry, and ability to drive responsibly in traffic. Candidates must meet ability to lift 15-80 lbs. as required for moving equipment/ materials.

Experience: Residential/Journeyman/Service Specialist - 1-2 years. Trainees: DOE

Typical work hours: 7:30am-4:30pm, Monday through Friday. 30+ Hours per work week guaranteed.

Full Time Employee Benefits: Great Hourly Pay, Paid Time Off, Paid Health insurance (with option to add dependents at employee cost)/ Basic Life/ AD and D, SIMPLE IRA retirement plan, Uniform allowance (hoodies, hats, shirts, work jeans and boots), Company iPad, Company cell phone, newer work truck, and BONUSES!

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