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    Mukilteo/Everett Area Sewer Scope Services

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      When you need sewer scope and sewer line repair services, give Stollwerck Plumbing and Sewer a call.

      With over 20 years of experience in the business, we are here for everyone from homeowners to multi-unit property managers, to commercial buildings. At Stollwerck Plumbing and Sewer, we’re proud to be your local plumber you can trust.


      What Exactly is Sewer Scoping?

      Customers are often confused about the concept behind sewer scopes until they see us with our rope cameras and computers.

      Simply put, we use modern technology to see inside of your pipes.

      This means that the sewer scope inspection can reveal if there is a sewer line problem, where the problem is, what it is, and how to fix it. In the past, without sewer scope technology, the only choice was to repair the entire pipe area by replacing the pipe. Sewer scopes save money by allowing for the potential of repairing only a small section of a pipe because it is viewed from the inside by rope cameras.

      To learn more, read our article What Is A Sewer Scope?

      Sewer Scope

      Signs You Need to Inspect Your Line With A Sewer Scope

      When toilets are draining slowly, showers are clogged or sinks are backing up, a plumber with sewer scope experience will determine where the problem is and if a sewer scope is needed to identify sewer line issues.

      Another common reason a plumber proficient in sewer scoping and repair is called is due to foul odors near plumbing areas.

      However, one primary reason that sewer scope services are needed is for a set of pipes that refuse to be fixed. In other words, when other solutions have been tried and have failed, it is time to literally get a picture of the inside of your pipes.

      Of course, this is where sewer scopes have the advantage.


      Preventative Sewer Plumbing Services

      Unfortunately, too many property owners find out the hard way that they could have prevented their sewer systems from backing up into their homes or rental unit.

      Although semi-annual inspections can seem redundant, having your pipes thoroughly scoped will prevent catastrophe later. For example, with proper inspection and repair, potential pipe killers can be identified before disaster strikes. One common problem sewer scopes catch are cracks in pipes that start to form due to tree roots growing too close to the sewer pipe.


      What To Look For In A Sewer Scope Plumber

      When you want to protect your home, it pays to hire a plumbing company that has commercial licensing for plumbing, like Stollwerck Plumbing and Sewer. This means homeowners and rental property owners can allow us to operate at any level, with no limitations, and we have a higher level of skill than the average home plumber.

      And you want to make sure all of the plumbers working on your home are fully licensed and insured plumbers. Oddly enough, this makes us special within the sewer plumbing industry.

      We protect our customers one step further and are insured above state mandates. This enables us to work in places others cannot and with the highest level of protection for work we do for our clients.


      Sewer Scope Services Near You

      When we provide sewer scope services to our clients, we explain our repairs or inspections with a language anyone can understand.

      We also work hard to make our pricing as transparent as possible so that homeowners on a budget feel in control. In fact, in addition to having a policy for honesty, up-front-ness, and knowledge, we live by the saying “Say what you’ll do, and do what you say.”

      When you hire us, we stand behind everything we do with a 1-year guarantee on labor.

      To get started with a sewer scope inspection, sewer line repairs, other plumbing repairs, maintenance, or installation services, give us a call at Stollwerck Plumbing and Sewer today. Thank you in advance for choosing us, and we look forward to showing you how our high-tech sewer scopes work to save you money. Contact us today!

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