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      Waking up Monday morning is never easy, and when you turn the shower on expecting hot water, and it just never warms up, makes for an especially rough day.  Or is there that someone special in your home who just loves filling that soaker tub and lounging?  Heating up pans of water on the stove to wash dishes is great when you are out camping, but not so much fun at home.


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      How Do I Tell I Need A New Hot Water Heater?

      The average life span of a water heater is 8-10 years, and if you aren’t quite sure when you last replaced or serviced yours, you are most likely due for a new one.  If you are seeing signs of age on your tank, like rust stains around the bottom of the tank, lukewarm water temperatures, banging or rumbling noise from the tank itself, or puddles around the tank, it is time to retire the tank. The last thing you want to face is a mini flood from a completely failed tank, flooding your garage, basement, or laundry room, when the tank springs a leak.

      Part of your “Home Safety Skills Toolkit” should be the knowledge of how to shut off your water heater, in the event of water heater failure.  If it does fail, shut off the gas line (at the thermostat on the tank) or electricity (at the breaker) to the tank.  Then, turn the water supply to the tank clockwise to off position (water valve located in the supply line to tank).  Next, attach a garden hose to the drain faucet at bottom of the tank, and drain the remaining water in the tank to a location outside your home.  Pull the handle up on the relief valve (located on top of the tank), to allow air into the tank, and help drain it.


      Hot Water Heater Installation

      Now that you are faced with the decision of what to replace your existing water heater with, consult with our professional plumbers to determine the best type of tank which meets your current and future needs.  Are you considering the option of converting to gas?  Do you want to relocate your current water heater to a more accessible location? Are you contemplating future home renovations that may require more than one water heater to provide enough supply to your new improvements?  Is this an investment property you are needing merely a durable, yet cost-effective replacement? All of these questions, and more, will be addressed and answered by our plumbers.  


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      Water Heater Replacement

      Replacement of a water heater, by a licensed plumber, with a plumber supported manufacturer’s warranty is a sure investment in your home, rental property, or business.  By using a licensed plumber from Stollwerck Plumbing to install and properly connect your water heater, you are ensuring your warranty will be valid in the event a manufacturer’s defect is found.  Also, you have the assurance the supporting supply lines, valves, drains, and venting are compliant with the current industry and municipal code standards.  While “YouTube” videos can make anything look easy, installing or repairing a water heater can be a challenging undertaking given the location of the heater, the existing condition of the home’s plumbing system, and the condition of the venting system.  


      Tankless Water Heater Installation

      Tankless water heaters offer options for endless hot water, in a way that also saves space in your mechanical / laundry room.  The tank is mounted on your wall, and venting is directed out of your home, providing you with additional floor space.  Water is heated only when you need it and the heater can support multiple fixtures at once – for example dishwasher and shower or washing machine and tub filler.  There may also be utility and federally supported rebates and/or tax credit programs, to provide you an additional incentive to invest in this newer, energy-efficient technology.


      Schedule Your Hot Water Tank Installation With Stollwerck Plumbing Today!

      Contact Stollwerck Plumbing today to install your new water heater!  Our labor is covered for a full year, and we support all manufacturer’s warranties for units supplied and installed by our professional team!  (425) 374-3909.

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