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Everett Water Heater Installation

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When the time comes to replace or upgrade your water heater, remember, your water heater is an investment in a critical part of your home’s necessary components. 

Signs you may need to replace your existing water heater include lukewarm water, cold ‘bubbles’ when using, leaks around the base of the water heater, or banging or rumbling noises from the tank itself.  As we are located in Everett, your home or business may have the option of electric, gas, or propane for fueling your water heater. 

These options allow you to choose from an array of different products and may also afford you the benefit of local and national rebates or tax credits!  Let Stollwerck Plumbing & Sewer help you decide which option best fits your hot water demands.


Everett Water Heater Installation


Water Heater Installation Services in Everett, WA | Why Choose Stollwerck

In Everett, we have the luxury of many retail and wholesale outfits to purchase a new water heater from – but the question is – which one is right for you?  Which water heater meets your current needs, and will meet your future needs?  Will you rely on the advice of a salesperson in a store, or will you rely on the recommendation from a fully licensed plumber who is at your home, analyzing your existing plumbing systems and use capacities of all your plumbing fixtures? 

Call Stollwerck Plumbing & Sewer when it’s time to purchase and replace the heart of hot water in your home.  We even perform work on Hat Island!  Water heater installation encompasses more than just the tank.  Do you have the correct supply, venting, connections, safety valves, safety straps, insulation, and drain pan?  Are you working with an electric, gas, traditional, tankless, or heat pump unit?  Each type of water heater needs to be properly installed for safety and optimum performance.


Water Heater Installation Services Offered by Stollwerck in Everett

Stollwerck Plumbing & Sewer provides you not only skilled installation of your new water heater, but we remove, haul off, and recycle your old tank at no extra cost!   We recommend only water heaters that we would and have installed in our own homes and businesses – and stand by our work.  Our belief is that you shouldn’t perform work on properties or use materials that you wouldn’t use in your own home. 

Whether you choose to have a space-saving tankless unit installed, a new energy-efficient electric water heater, or a reliable gas water heater, allow us to deliver and install the best water heater to suit your home.  With our local suppliers and well-stocked trucks, we can often perform the installation same-day, to get you back in service as fast as possible. 

Thinking of selling your home?  Make sure all your water heater plumbing issues are resolved by a licensed plumber, to avoid any delays in closing the sale of your home, if any water heater issues are disclosed in an inspection.


Everett WA Water Heater Installation


Residential Water Heater Installation Services in Everett

When it comes to relaxing at home, nothing compares to a hot shower or hot bath.  Let us inform you about tankless water heater possibilities, to allow for an endless supply of hot water to your body shower, washer, kitchen sink faucet, pot filler, etc.!    Is your current water heater too small, and you need a larger capacity to serve your fixtures with enough hot water?   With our fully licensed plumbers, be assured your new water heater will be installed to the manufacturer’s specifications and meet all local and national codes for safety. 

Our plumbers and trainees arrive prepared with all materials, in fully stocked trucks, ready to perform work in a neat and timely manner.   We provide a worry-free evaluation, with complete pricing disclosed, before any work is commenced.  If relocation or conversion of your water heater is in your plans, or if you are adding another water heater to meet increased demand, call Stollwerck Plumbing & Sewer to facilitate your wishes.


Commercial Water Heater Installation Services in Everett

Are you updating a new office space in Silver Lake, and find the existing water heater is seriously old and providing insufficient water to meet your business needs?  Have you leased a new space on Hewitt, and find the location of the existing water heater just does not fit your floorplan and needs to be moved?  Creating a new commercial kitchen space, and need to conform to the Department of Health’s requirements for your hot water supply, to obtain approval?  Reach out to our professionals at Stollwerck Plumbing & Sewer to implement your changes to make your business a success!


Water Heater Installation Professionals Near Me

Call Stollwerck Plumbing today to learn about all your water heater options and expert installation services. Our labor is covered for a full year, and we support all manufacturer’s warranties for units supplied and installed by our professional team!  (425) 374-3909.


Other Plumbing Services in Everett

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Looking for Residential/Journeyman/Service Specialists for Plumbing!

Incentive Plan – DOE! Hiring Bonus: $15K D.O.E. for Journeyman, up to $5K for Apprentice D.O.E. NO VAX status required - its your own business, not ours.

Local, family company seeking reliable and motivated person who wish to work a full-time, steady schedule in the Everett, Mukilteo, Lynnwood area.

  • No trips to Seattle, no weekends, no “on-call” shifts!
  • Competitive non-commission based wages.
  • Our company focuses on friendly service and repair calls, remodeling/renovations, and professional drain cleaning - no new construction.

Our motto is simple – “Say what you’ll do, and do what you say.” Our philosophy is to provide every client with the same service level we would for our own parents -fix it correctly, at a fair price, with the correct materials for the job.

All Residential/Journeyman/Service Specialist Plumbers must have current WA State license. We require a valid driver’s license, and reasonably clear driving record. We expect punctual attendance, clean and professional appearance, with motivation to work efficiently with attention to detail. We require good communication skills with clients and co-workers, desire for learning new processes in the industry, and ability to drive responsibly in traffic. Candidates must meet ability to lift 15-80 lbs. as required for moving equipment/ materials.

Experience: Residential/Journeyman/Service Specialist - 1-2 years. Trainees: DOE

Typical work hours: 7:30am-4:30pm, Monday through Friday. 30+ Hours per work week guaranteed.

Full Time Employee Benefits: Great Hourly Pay, Paid Time Off, Paid Health insurance (with option to add dependents at employee cost)/ Basic Life/ AD and D, SIMPLE IRA retirement plan, Uniform allowance (hoodies, hats, shirts, work jeans and boots), Company iPad, Company cell phone, newer work truck, and BONUSES!

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