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    Water Heater Repair 

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      When you turn on a faucet, you expect hot water. 

      When nothing but lukewarm water or cold water comes out – its time to call a plumber to inspect your water heater.  Our professional plumbers will diagnose the issues with your water heater and then provide you with options for repair or replacement.  Determining whether it is more cost-effective to repair or simply replace the water heater is based upon your individual water heater, age of water heater, and the extent of repair needed to completely solve the problem at hand.  Let our plumber’s experience provide you the knowledge needed to make a decision about repair or replacement.


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      Hot Water Heater Maintenance | Why People Choose Us

      Stollwerck Plumbing and Sewer focuses on providing excellent customer service to maintain or repair water heaters to run dependably for you and your family for years to come.  We provide water heater service for individual homes as well as large, multi-unit apartment buildings and community developments. Our plumbers pay careful attention to the well-being of every customer, regardless of the size of the project!

      Our pride in work and our plumber’s credo – “We say what we do, and do what we say” – provides you with confidence in why you should call Stollwerck Plumbing, for your water heater inspection and troubleshooting needs.  Being licensed for commercial work means we hold ourselves to the highest standards.


      How We Service Your Hot Water Tank 

      Could your water heater require the attention of a trained professional?

      Today, most experts recommend careful inspection of residential water heaters on a regular basis – at least annually.  In fact, some of the manufacturers will not honor your warranty on water heater equipment unless you can prove you have had yearly maintenance performed. Malfunctioning water heaters can cause a variety of problems. These issues run the gamut from slow or unreliable water heating to costly water leaks and potential fire hazards.


      Qualified Water Heater Inspection and Troubleshooting

      Stollwerck Plumbing and Sewer routinely inspects, maintains, and repairs a wide variety of water heater brands and types. Call us for assistance in accomplishing any of these tasks:

      • Qualified Water Heater Inspection and Troubleshooting
      • Water Heater Services and Repairs
      • Water Heater Parts Replacement

      The average lifespan of a water heater ranges for 8-10 years, so if you are experiencing issues before that, please give us a call!


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      Electric Water Heater Repair

      Electric water heaters are a very common water heater in our Everett/Mukilteo area.  They come in a range of sizes and capacities, to meet the various needs of your home or business.   Electric water heaters can be installed just about anywhere, and after a certain amount of use and age, should be inspected by a licensed plumber to check up on the health of your tank.   A little bit of maintenance each year can save you money and extend the life of your water heater.


      Gas Water Heater Repair

      Gas water heaters provide an energy-efficient and reliable alternative to electric water heaters.  Luckily, we live in an area that typically can be served by gas line or electric sources of fuel.  Repairs can include addressing the controls which operate the pilot light, repairing a faulty safety shut off, or identifying a malfunctioning control unit.  As with all mechanical systems in your home, a gas water heater should be inspected for proper operation on a regular basis, to ensure the longevity of the unit. 


      Tankless Water Heater Repair

      Today, manufacturers have developed some exciting new energy-efficient water heating technologies.  One of the most popular options for efficient heating is tankless water heaters.  These units help conserve water flow and energy expenditure.   Modern tankless water heaters conserve energy (and lower utility bills) because they heat water immediately prior to use.  In fact, there are often energy rebates or tax credits available on installation of this type of water heater.  Additionally, these smaller, compact units do not occupy much space. Stollwerck Plumbing and Sewer performs manufacturer recommended yearly maintenance on this equipment for property owners, so you can continue saving energy, keeping your warranty coverage valid, and getting hot water on demand.  


      Water Heater Plumbers Near You

      When you don’t know, or can’t remember, the last time your water heater was serviced or inspected, contact Stollwerck Plumbing today!  We pride ourselves on being authorized Bradford White and Navien repair technicians, however, we can service any brand of water heater.  Just give us a call! (425) 374-3909.

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