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Gas Line Installation

Are you ready to take the leap to endless hot water with a new tankless water heater?  Are you remodeling your kitchen/ family room, and want to move your range and gas fireplace to new locations?  Is an outdoor gas fire pit, patio heater, or BBQ station in your backyard beautification plan?  Are you a business needing to relocate gas lines or airlines to supply new fixtures in your shop?  You may need new gas lines run to make these dreams happen.

gas line installation

Natural Gas Line Installation Services | Why Choose Stollwerck

Professional gas pipe installation includes not only ensuring the pipe materials and connections are up to current local and national codes, but also guarantees the manner of installation meets safety criteria (especially in our seismically prone location) for the applications you need.  Our licensed plumbers perform the necessary calculations to determine the sizes of new gas lines to supply your fixtures with a sufficient amount of gas for optimum operation.  Equally as important as the supply of the gas, is correct gas ventilation, which allows for the supply of fresh air for combustion, and the venting of exhaust from the gas appliances toward a safe exit point from your home or business. 


Residential Gas Line Installation

Residential natural gas pipe installation should always be performed by a licensed professional plumber, for not only your safety, but the safety of your home’s future owners, your guests and your neighbors.  Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel, and a very efficient source of energy.  As with all fuels, there are specific pipe materials that must be used, they must be connected in specific manner, pressure and leak-tested, and safety valves installed in correct locations.  Indoor and outdoor lines must be installed in a protected and secure manner and they must be properly painted and marked.  When you combust natural gas, it mainly produces water vapor and carbon dioxide, with smaller amounts of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide – all which must be correctly vented to the atmosphere.   It is essential your venting is compliant with codes, to ensure your air is safe inside your home, in your crawlspace, or on your back patio.   Believe it or not, even outdoor applications of natural gas (patio heaters, fire pits) can be dangerous, if you do not allow for the proper supply of fresh air, and venting of combusted fuel.


Commercial Gas Line Installation

Commercial natural gas installation services require additional training and experience in order to be compliant with local, state and national codes.  Stollwerck Plumbing’s experience provides you the confidence in your project results in your commercial environment.  We offer plumbing consultation ranging from the beginnings of project planning, to rough-in based on existing plans, to fixture installation and repair. 


Gas Line Replacement

If you are upgrading older appliances and fixtures to meet new needs, we ensure our installations follow the manufacturer’s requirements, as well as meet code compliance.  Working with compressed air systems?  The same high level of quality is assured if you choose Stollwerck Plumbing to install your airline system. 

Natural Gas Piping Installation Near Me

If you have gas service available to your home, you may want to appreciate the cost savings afforded when you have your larger heating and cooling appliances connected to gas.   If you are already enjoying the efficiency of gas service, and need to move your existing gas lines, or install new ones to accommodate new appliances, our licensed plumbers are happy to help you out. Stollwerck Plumbing & Sewer is a call away!

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