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Hydro Jetting Services

​High Pressure Hydrojetting Services Near You


Are you experiencing issues with your storm drains on your property backing up during our spring or fall rains? Have you noticed there are drains in your home which have been slower and slower to drain over the past couple of months? Perhaps even completely clogged drains causing sewage to bubble up in a tub or shower pan? Repeated attempts with a drain clearing cable just aren’t solving the issues for the long term? Hydro-jetting may be the solution you are looking for.  



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Did you know that there is no special plumbing license required to perform drain cleaning, snaking, or camera inspections of any building drainage, vent pipes or sewer in pipes located on the exterior of your building or your property? When looking for a hydro-jetting professional, wouldn’t you want a fully licensed and insured plumber, like Stollwerck Plumbing & Sewer, with not only drain cleaning and storm system inspection skills, but also someone who can perform proper plumbing repairs (if the clog is caused by a mechanical issue inside your home) all in the same visit?

  • When is hydro-jetting the best solution for me?

Hydro-jetting is a great new technology, to be used on pipes in sound condition, that exhibit signs of blockages, when traditional cable augurs or snakes just don’t seem to be working. Prior to any hydro-jetting service, your plumbing professional should perform a video inspection of the lines, to determine if they are a candidate for hydro-jetting. Jetting should not be used if your pipe shows signs of deterioration, like disjoints, bellies, heavily corroded or separated lines, as the jetting process may actually damage the lines.

  • What are the benefits of hydro-jetting?

​Hydro jetting is a process to clean sewer and drain lines using high-pressure water, to cut through difficult blockages like roots, grease, sediments and mineral buildup, without chemicals. This process works on a variety of pipes and leaves no harmful chemical residue, which makes it an ideal method to maintenance sewer and storm drain lines, without introducing extra chemicals into the local wastewater treatment facilities. Unlike a mechanical augur, cable or snake, which only cuts a hole through blockages in storm or sewer drains, jetting cleans the entire pipe, scouring all buildup from grease, roots, and sediments present on all inner surfaces of the pipes, to prevent future clogs. Unlike chemical or enzyme treatments, the only matter going down the drains is the clog materials and clean, potable water. Another benefit of choosing hydro jetting services from Stollwerck Plumbing & Sewer is that we perform video inspections before, during and after our jetting work is completed, to carefully monitor progress, and provide clients with a final record for their maintenance files.

  • Why should I hire a plumber for hydro-jetting services vs. a drain specialist?

Employing the services of a fully licensed plumber, who can analyze not only the issues outside your home, but provide a “whole system” evaluation of plumbing issues inside your home or business, can prove invaluable. What if you have issues inside your home or business which may be contributing to those pesky recurring clogs? A drain specialist who does not have their plumbing license may be able to spot issues, but they do not have the documented education, hours, and/or license to legally perform repairs or service those interior lines.

  • What is the best reason to hydro jet commercial waste lines?

If you’ve had the grease interceptors serviced, and your drains still keep backing up, or you have one restroom group with consistent drain issues, you may want to invite our team to investigate the lines. If you find yourself calling drain cleaning companies more than once a month for clogging issues, that seem to get resolved, but keep coming back, you may want to call on our professionals for a full examination of your interior and exterior drain system. Beginning with a video inspection through an accessible cleanout, we evaluate and report the condition of the lines to the extent visibility allows, provide video documentation and a worry-free estimate for the property managers or owners, to assist in their decisions regarding maintenance or repairs. If the lines appear to be a solid prospect for hydro jetting, we work efficiently with your team, in a manner to provide as little disruption as possible to your business operations. Once the lines are clean as a whistle, we provide a full video record for your review, and recommend regular video inspections, to prevent any unexpected backups.

Have you recently purchased your home or leased a new business space, and desire a ‘fresh start’ with your storm system and sewer lines? Hydro jetting is an environmentally friendly way of giving you peace of mind you are beginning your residence with truly clean drains. If not properly maintained over the years, sewer and storm line issues can cause critical situations in all types of homes and businesses. Stollwerck Plumbing & Sewer provides quality drain cleaning options, in a timely manner, by folks who live in your neighborhood. Call Stollwerck Plumbing & Sewer for a cleaning and on-site hydro jetting estimate today!

Looking for Residential/Journeyman/Service Specialists for Plumbing!

Incentive Plan – DOE! Hiring Bonus: $15K D.O.E. for Journeyman, up to $5K for Apprentice D.O.E. NO VAX status required - its your own business, not ours.

Local, family company seeking reliable and motivated person who wish to work a full-time, steady schedule in the Everett, Mukilteo, Lynnwood area.

  • No trips to Seattle, no weekends, no “on-call” shifts!
  • Competitive non-commission based wages.
  • Our company focuses on friendly service and repair calls, remodeling/renovations, and professional drain cleaning - no new construction.

Our motto is simple – “Say what you’ll do, and do what you say.” Our philosophy is to provide every client with the same service level we would for our own parents -fix it correctly, at a fair price, with the correct materials for the job.

All Residential/Journeyman/Service Specialist Plumbers must have current WA State license. We require a valid driver’s license, and reasonably clear driving record. We expect punctual attendance, clean and professional appearance, with motivation to work efficiently with attention to detail. We require good communication skills with clients and co-workers, desire for learning new processes in the industry, and ability to drive responsibly in traffic. Candidates must meet ability to lift 15-80 lbs. as required for moving equipment/ materials.

Experience: Residential/Journeyman/Service Specialist - 1-2 years. Trainees: DOE

Typical work hours: 7:30am-4:30pm, Monday through Friday. 30+ Hours per work week guaranteed.

Full Time Employee Benefits: Great Hourly Pay, Paid Time Off, Paid Health insurance (with option to add dependents at employee cost)/ Basic Life/ AD and D, SIMPLE IRA retirement plan, Uniform allowance (hoodies, hats, shirts, work jeans and boots), Company iPad, Company cell phone, newer work truck, and BONUSES!

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